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About TJFBookworm

Why did I start this blog, you ask?

Because my sister, MM, was tired of listening to me spout off random facts about really awesome books and their authors, and telling her everything I loved (and didn't love) about the book I had just read.  Or the book I read the other week.  Er, all the books I had read that month.

So after she told me to change the subject for the hundreth time, I thought, Hey!  I'll just start a blog and pour out my love for books on there.

So here I am.

On TJFBookworm, you will find reviews of Christian books new and old, links to stuff I think is interesting and the whole world should know about, and tidbits of everything scattered here and there.

So click around, leave a comment, and hopefully you'll see something you like!

- Paris aka TJFBookworm