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About Me

I have a passion for Jesus Christ.  I love reading.  Especially Christian books.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was younger, I devoured all the books my library had (which wasn't enough).  Before I knew it, I was reading anything my age range and a little older - mostly secular books.  Then out of the blue, I started having nightmares practically every night.  My mom gave me the worst advice imaginable.

"How bout you just read Christian books and see if your nightmares go away?" She suggested.

It was as if she asked me to cut off my arms or something.  "But mom!" I remembering wailing.  "These are GOOD books.  There's nothing BAD in them."  I argued until I ran out of arguments.  I agreed to try out her idea, but not happily.

An amazing thing happened.  My nightmares went away.  I realized, Hey, these Jesus books aren't that bad.  Ever since I was 6-years-old, I had wanted to be a writer.  That day, God placed a desire in my heart to write for Him.

So at 10-years-old, I proudly placed ten books on a shelf.  Those ten books were the start of my book collection.  I sat there dreaming of the day when I would have one-hundred books.

Today, at 16-years-old, I currently have over six-hundred Christian books.

Yes, I count my books.  Call me a nerd.  And yes, I do have some non-Christian books mixed in my collection.  I am not against reading non-Christian books.

I just happen to be a Jesus freak bookworm.