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Tips for Bookworms

Four easy (and CHEAP!) tips for my fellow bookworms.  If you're like me, you devour more books than you can pay for, and spending $20 on a book makes my little heart deflate like a balloon.  So read on and hopefully these will help.

#1 - God Bless Those Librarians

Libraries!!!  It's all FREE!  I know, amazing, right?  And some libraries (at least mine) has this system where you can put a hold on any book in their over 2,000 Georgia Pine libraries and they ship it to your library for ya, and then you drive over and pick it up.  It's like my obsession.

#2 - Kindle Freebies

Amazon rocks my socks.  Here's what you do:
  • Go to amazon.com
  • See "Shop All Departments" on the left side?
  • Roll your mouse over onto the department that says "Kindle"
  • Now click on "Kindle Store"
  • Look over to the left where it says "Browse"
  • And click on "Kindle Bestsellers" under Special Features
  • TA-DAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • There is a beautiful list of "Top 100 FREE" Kindle eBooks
*AMAZING TIP* Don't have a Kindle?  No problem.  Amazon lets you download a Kindle for your PC or iPhone for FREE!

#3 - Used, But Beautifully Cheap

Used book stores.  They're beyond awesome.  They have cheap, hidden treasures stacked upon bookshelf after bookshelf.  You can get new books, old books, school books, picture books, cook books, teen books, etc.

#4 - I Review for Books

I get a ton of books for free from the sites listed below because I read a book and post my review on my blog.  Check them out!