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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Waterfall Wednesdays (Chapters 1-6)

1. Waterfall opens with the introduction of Gabi, shes depressed, a little angry and is dealing with feelings of loneliness. Are you connecting with her this soon in the novel? Do you see things you like or dislike?

I wish I could spend a summer at an archaeological dig, but every summer? That would be a bit much. I think every girl can relate to Gabi wanting to spend her summer meeting a nice guy and not digging around in the dirt.

I connected with Gabi because I know what it's like to have a boring summer. One of the things I loved about Gabi was that I was so much like her. Seventeen, brunette, and a little bossy with my younger sister who is fifteen years old with long, straight blonde hair like Lia. I immediately loved the fact that this series was going to be about two sisters.

2. Gabi gets to time travel back to 14th Century Italy- The Dark Ages in its prime. Is there anytime in history that fascinates you and would you travel back if you could?

I love the 1950's with all the musicals and bright Technicolor films. If I was interested in being an actress, I would go back in time to then. But since I have no desire to be an actress, I would probably go back to The French and Indian War. Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Spear is one of my favorite books. It's fascinating (and sad) to see all the prejudice between the English settlers, the French and the Indians.

3. Most of the men, including Marcello have a very set opinion about a woman's place. Gabi gets manhandled a bit in these first few chapters, and even gets asked if shes a witch. The men are shocked when Gabi rides a horse like a man and shimmies down the castle walls. What do you think of mens mentality back then? Gentlemanly, chauvinistic, simple-minded?

Well, Gabi wants their help, but she also wants to do things her way. If someone asked me for help, I would expect them to at least respect and listen to me. I think Marcello is being a gentleman in helping Gabi, even though she does some strange stuff like riding a horse like a man, but he does expect her to submit to his authority and protection.

4. When Gabi becomes a part of this era, the people are immediately intrigued but suspicious of her. Many judge her by her difference. Do you think this is fair? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like an outsider or that others were misjudging you?

If I was almost in a war, I think I would be a little suspicious of outsiders. That's just plain common sense. Is it fair to the person they are judging or perhaps misjudging? No, not really. I think everyone has felt like that were an outsider at one time or another. I especially feel it when my family is visiting churches and I have to make friends with teens who have grown up in that church.

5. What do think the coolest thing would be about living in the Dark Ages? What would be the worst?

Um, how bout all the manly hunks hanging around the castle? I've always wanted a knight in shining armor! The worst part would be the bathrooms. No showers, toilets, or shampoo. Yuck. Also, my hair would be a constant mass of frizz without my Pantene conditioner and blow dryer...

Did you enjoy this first week of Waterfall Wednesdays? Come back next Wednesday for more on this great book! In the meantime, check out Lisa Bergren's website or The River of Time Series Facebook page.


Julie said...

ooohhhh, the 50's would be fun! I would love to visit those Leave It To Beaver kind of homes. My home was pretty classic though. My mom stayed home and dad worked. And hanging with hunky knights and roaming castles would be pretty cool! I've enjoyed everyone's answers!

Serena Chase said...

"If I was almost in a war, I think I would be a little suspicious of outsiders. That's just plain common sense."

I'm with you on that one.

And I'd love to jitterbug (if I wasn't so darn clumsy) in a soda shop in the 50s, but that hair! Oy.

Anonymous said...

YAYY the 1950's!!!

And um can you toss me one of those hunky castle men....haha...well Im married so I already have a hunky man but I could use an extra one to do some yard work while wearing his dashing castle clothes.....

Ok now Im just rambling....

Melissa said...

I think that almost all of us felt trhe same about the worst aspects!! Great answers!

Here's mine:Waterfall Wednesdays-Week 1

♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

Paris said...

Thanks y'all! I think we all agree that we like the 50s and hunky guys. Haha(: And that we love Waterfall!

Rebecca said...

How did I forget about the amazingness of the 50s?! They also had nice clothes, haha :o)

Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Thanks for your thoughtful answers, Paris! With a name like that, clearly you were meant to think about the frontier and where God might lead you next... :-)

See you next week!

Paris said...

Why thankyou! Love your books!

Lisa said...

I think those hunky men would be a definite plus!