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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bookstore Dilemmas

Question: What bookstore is your favorite to get YA Christian books?

Mine is Books a Million. They actually have a decent YA Christian fiction section, yay!

Lifeway is eh. I never actually see any teens in there looking at books. Maybe because it's right next to Veggie Tales...Plus, they don't have a good selection and they get new books in months after they've already been out. By then I've bought it somewhere else.

Barnes and Noble is the worst. They keep the Christian YA fiction on one shelf at the very bottom of the NON-FICTION YA Christian books bookshelf. This makes no sense whatsoever. I occasionally go through and count how many Christian YA books are in the secular YA section, and my highest count is five so far (Starlighter by Bryan Davis, Roadside Assistance by Amy Clipston, one of the Carter House Girls books by Melody Carlson, The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan, and The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis).

I literally gasped out loud when I saw Starlighter in the secular YA section. Not from horror, but from delight! A store employee heard me and asked what I was so excited about. When I told him, he said, "Yeah, you usually don't find those kind of books in this section."

But I think it's progress. Lisa Bergren, author of The Rover of Time Series, said on Facebook,
"Barnes & Noble finally recategorized WATERFALL to teen fantasy and adventure! Huzzah! (It was in Christian nonfiction--bizarre.) So...yay!

Is it just us, or is your local B&N putting Christian fiction books in the non-fiction section also?


need2read said...

I have seen a few books in the normal YA section, including Starlighter and also Breath of Angel(Not sure who the author is). A while ago they moved Dragons in Our Midst out of the Religious fiction and into the Kids normal section-which didn't make much sense since it is more a YA series-but then they got rid of tehm, so if you wanted them, you would have to order them.
I like The Living Word (Parable Christian Books) the best when I am looking for Cristian books, but for others, I like Barnes and Noble. I am kind of disappointed in my B&N right now because the just recently moved the YA section to an inconveinient spot and rearranged teh Kids section. Also, a while ago, I heard that when they are taking books off the shelf or if there is a book someone ordered, but decided they didn't want, they rip off the covers and throw them out. I was really horrified when I heard this!

Paris said...

Yeah, they just rearranged our kids section too. That's awful! Why would they do that? Seems like that would be losing money...I told one of the B&N employees that they had Waterfall in the wrong section (non-fiction) and the guy just said, "Okay." and didn't do anything about it. Weird.