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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ciao by Melody Carlson

The sweet life might just turn sour. After the events in the Bahamas, Paige's engagement to designer Dylan Marceau is about to fall apart---and so is Paige. Erin's state of mind isn't much better. In addition to keeping Paige in check, Erin is dealing with Bryce's new TV career, as well as having to care for Fran during her chemo. A trip to Milan might be the break both girls need, but things only seem to get more complicated once they land in Italy. Dylan is also in Milan, and Paige's rekindled romance, combined with a new director, leaves Erin with more work on the show. Just when Erin can't take any more, she discovers a secret that could crush Paige. Clinging to God for direction, Erin must find the power to make a difficult choice, one that could not only hurt her sister but throw the show into turmoil.

With Paige's engagement to designer Dylan Marceau falling apart, Bryce starring on a new TV show, and Fran going through chemo, Erin is about to go crazy. Erin and Paige head to Milan to film and hopefully get a break until they find out Dylan is there also. Erin wants her sister to be happy, but rumors about Dylan have reached her ears and things don't look good.

I love Carlson's On the Runway series. It's so interesting to get a peek into the fashion and television world through Erin's eyes. Even with all the drama, she manages to keep her head, her faith, and her family intact. Ciao is no different. With Erin and Paige both having guy problems, they learn that guys come and go, but sisters are forever.

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