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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends by The Miller Brothers

The Codebearers Series ends with Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends! In book two, Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire, you are left hanging with a school fire and Hunter falling into the hands of medics with aren't who they seem to be. In book three, Hunter wakes up with no memory of his last visit to Solandria with Trista and Rob. To make things worse, intimidating detective Volger suspects Hunter was the one who set the school on fire! Hunter sets off with to get back his memories and winds up in a search for his father and a lost relic called the Eye of Ends.

I really enjoyed this conclusion to The Codebearers Series. It was amazing to watch characters and places from the first book reappear and add more to the story than I had ever imagined. I also loved the new characters, especially Desi. I think the best part about this book was that it wasn't predictable. The Miller Brothers were always surprising me in every chapter. Plus, their artwork keeps getting better and better! My brother and I agreed we liked the second book the best, but really liked this one also.

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