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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Starlighter by Bryan Davis

Legend says dragons are enslaving humankind and a black egg signals the end of the world. If so, Jason Masters must journey to another realm and join forces with a slave girl named Koren to rescue the captives and save two worlds from destruction.

What if the legends are true?

Jason Masters doubted the myths: people taken through a portal to another realm and enslaved by dragons. But when his brother is taken, he must uncover the truth and find the portal before it's too late. Once he's through the portal, he meets Koren, a slave in the dragons realm, who struggles to destroy a black egg prophesied to doom all mankind.

Jason and Koren must work together to save their two worlds before the dragons learn
that their secrets have been discovered.

I was presently surprised when I read Starlighter, the first book in Dragons of Starlight. Why was I surprised you ask? Well, I had read Davis' Dragons in Our Midst series and wavered from dislike to sorta liking it. It just wasn't my type of book.

And then I read Beyond the Reflection's Edge, the first book in his Echoes from the Edge series, I didn't like that one at all. Again, it wasn't my type of book. Davis is an excellent writer and bestselling author, but, as I said, it wasn't my type of book. So imagine my surprise when I thoroughly enjoyed Starlighter.

The beginning had me hooked. I think he should have waited a little while longer before introducing Koren, but that's my only complaint.

When I think back on this book, I immediately remember characters. I loved how Elyssa was always "skipping steps" and how Randall became likable over time. My favorite dragon was definitely Arxad (how do you SAY that?). He kept me guessing and re-guessing what he was going to do next. Definitely a book filled with wonderful and unique characters.

Actually, I like this book enough to go out and buy it (I read the Kindle Freebie on my PC). A great read for ages 13+!

Bryan Davis is the author of the Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire series, contemporary/fantasy books for young adults. He is the author of several other works including The Image of a Father (AMG) and Spit and Polish for Husbands (AMG), and four books in the Arch Books series: The Story of Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation, The Day Jesus Died, The Story of the Empty Tomb (over 100,000 sold), and Jacob’s Dream. Bryan lives in Western Tennessee with his wife, Susie, and their children. Bryan and Susie have homeschooled their four girls and three boys.

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